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May 12 – Everyone in!

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Shouldn’t be raining. Should be one of the best days to ride so far this year. Figure on doing around 50miles. Take your allergy medicine – it’ll be a doozy. If it’s a big group and some people want to go hard, the group may split but let’s keep it together if we can.

UPDATE: It’s raining. Everyone’s on their own!

May 11 – Maybe Rain

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Here’s the deal – If it is actually raining at around 7:30, ride is cancelled. If it’s not, I’m probably going to go out. If you want to ride with me, bring your rain bike and a zip lock bag for your phone. It won’t be a long day.

April 21 – Old Dock for some Please read

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There’s a few that need to get in some big miles for rides coming up. So a few people are heading out to the Old Dock Ride starting at 7:00 (NOTE NEW START TIME). This is around 65-70 miles so it’s a big day for anyone not used to it. So if you’re coming out, get some rest, bring some food, clean your bike, and bring extra tubes and C02.

HERE’S a Link to the RIDE >>

For those of you not riding the Old dock ride, 8AM start time.

April 13 – 8AM!! Teddy’s Ride – Let’s try it again

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Let’s try that again. We’re doing the Teddy Roosevelt/ Sagamore hill ride. It’s not posted up yet on the site but it’s going to be around 40 or so miles. We’re hitting some hills today.

Sort of kind of the route we’re taking:
PW blvd to service road to Post Rd to piping rock rd to Duck Pond Rd to Frost Mill Rd to Horseshoe Rd to Cleft Rd to W Shore Rd (Bayville) to Main St (Oyster Bay) to Cove Rd up to Sagamore Hill. Return by climbing tiffany Rd and going to Cold Spring Harbor Labs the “back way”, then heading to Stillwell and coming back by the usual route.

March 30 – To the SUNY Stables! Long and Short

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It’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. We’re doing the ride to the Horses today – heading to the SUNY Stables and back. It should be around 30 miles, not too much climbing. Once we get back on the service road, if people want to go longer, head east. If people want to head back, head back. Expect a quick day and hit it hard once we’re on the SUNY campus. We can regroup at the tail end of the Stables area where everyone slows down anyway right before we get back out to the service road.

Somebody study the map because I’ll get us lost.