Port Cycling and Group Rides

Port Cycling is a friendly group – we train way to much for nothing in particular. Some of us race. Some of us will do a Grand Fondo here and there. Some run or participate in triathlons and don’t mind losing their toenails. But this is not our day job. We are in this for the fun and competitive nature of it all. If you are the kind that doesn’t get along with others, rest assured that this is not the group for you.

Port Cycling rides start from the Post Office located at the corner of Port Washington Blvd. and Main St. Parking (if you need it) is available right there at the Post Office lot. If you live in Roslyn or Manhasset, our group usually picks up some people on our way out on Northern Blvd & Middle Neck Road right by the Aston Martin Dealership across from Dunkin’ Donuts.


That means get there on time. Sharp. Summer hours usually start earlier as the rides & days get longer. We get to the second pickup location in Roslyn by the Astin-Martin dealer 12 minutes after the start time.

Routes & The Rides

Our routes take us all around Long Island, mostly the hillier wind swept North Shore. Some routes are posted, some will be added later as the season progresses. Generally, they are around 40-60 miles or so. Some people break off early. Some people go for a century. Each week, the routes will be posted to the Port Cycling website for Saturday and Sunday’s ride so we can prepare accordingly.

We like to ride hard. Most times. Especially if Dom is running late. Then we all suffer.
If it rains, and it’s warm, Jason might go. Everyone else usually stays home. They are usually smarter for doing so.

As for speed, it is difficult to say simply due to the lights, cars and hills that we experience out here on Long Island. But depending on who shows up and how hard we’re going, speeds can range from your typical hard B+ ride to an A or AA ride. We get better as the season goes along. We don’t like to drop people and we almost always wait at certain locations to regroup.

Safety & Stupidity

We particularly like to keep our brains off the pavement. So check your ego and ride safe. If you don’t, we will surely let you know. Almost all of us are working professionals and we’d like to keep it that way. Accidents happen, of course, but many can be avoided. So stop at lights, try not to overlap wheels, communicate appropriately and don’t run us through dead raccoon carcasses.

We also appreciate those that keep their bike sparkling. Bring your own tubes and pumps/Co2 and know how to change your tire when you flat. If you don’t know how to do this, just ask. A clean bike usually means a well maintained bike. Identifying problems before they happen – rather than on the ride – is our goal. The better we know you the less we care about it, but it’s a good habit to keep.