April 14th – 8 AM Start!!! Easy endurance 40

By April 12, 2013Old Rides

We’ve been blowing up the group so this will be a ride to keep it all together and have a nice civilized ride. If you want to hammer today, come out for a bit and ride off when you are ready. No drop ride today. The big boys are in Battenkill so no surprises.

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  • Dom says:

    8:30 strikes me as late to start the rides now that we are into middle April. I propose an 8 am start. Feedback?

  • Port Cycling says:

    I’m good for 8 too. Let’s see what others say but I’m fine with changing it.

  • Shawn says:

    Sure, you propose a civilized pace this weekend when I’ll be out of town. Personally, I like 8:30 until the summer heat makes an earlier start required but I’ll go with the flow if others need an earlier start.

  • Port Cycling says:

    Well, it looks like we’re OFFICIALLY changing it to 8AM. People want an earlier start!
    You rode through the winter! You’ll be fine.